Mal Weeraratne is Tantric and Tao Bodywork Specialist

Have you ever decided to fundamentally change your lifestyle in some way and then managed to really stick to that decision effectively and to benefit your life as a result? Sometimes it is easier said than done when it comes to making fundamental changes for the better. ¬†Making that decision is a way of trying … Continue reading »


Is Tantra misunderstood?

The ancient art of Tantra is tainted by the judgements and perceptions of those who presume, without foundation, that tantra is all about the physical act of achieving sustained and continuous climax¬† using methods which allow a couple to remain engaged in the physical act for extended periods of time, purely with the goal of … Continue reading »


Detox your thoughts and emotions

When it comes to the general understanding of detox, it is quite common for a person to presume that this is the process that you go through when you want to wash out the toxins in your body by either avoiding the intake of certain substances which are considered bad for the body, or by … Continue reading »


Mal Weeraratne and his unique approach to Emotional release

Has there ever been a time in your life where you have felt that you have tried everything and yet no matter which way you turn, you are facing life obstacles in every variation possible? Do you feel that despite best efforts, you simply cannot dig your way out of financial debt or find the … Continue reading »


Mal Weeraratne dedicated Trainer and Teacher of Emotional Detox

Mal Weeraratne is the founder of Tantric Journey and a master in the field of human emotional detox. Having studied the field of sexual dysfunction and emotional detox for over twenty years, Mal Weeraratne is a leading name in the understanding of and release of negative, stagnant emotions from the body. Not only is Mal … Continue reading »